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Not all students can transition to a new school easily, with many feeling so nervous that it begins to affect their grades. If this sounds like your student, this article by The Tutoring Center, Spring TX (Champion Forest)  can help.  

Do you remember the excitement of your first school dance? How about how much fun you and your friends had during your lunch breaks? Of course you remember it! It all makes up your positive school memories. What you don’t remember (or would prefer to no to) are those nervous first days you experienced each time that you started a new school. Whether it’s a change from junior to senior school or a family that shifted to a new area, the first days at a new learning environment are not always fun! Learn how you can help your student face the new challenges with this post below. 

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How to Help Your Student Enjoy Their First Days at a New School

Encourage Them to Be Themselves!

If every teen movie is to be believed then the transition to a new school is the perfect time for students to reinvent themselves. Whether this means shedding a reputation or trying to fit in with the ‘cool kids’, students in movies always seem better off once they have changed themselves. 

However, what the movies don’t show is that these student’s friends don’t really like them for who they are, just who they are pretending to be. 

For this reason, it’s important that you encourage your student to be themselves the first day you step foot in the school! While it isn’t advisable to over exert themselves and make themselves loud and known, it does mean being true to their personality. For example, if they see a subject or study group that they think will be interesting, they should take it without worrying what other people will think. The same tip applies for when they’re talking to people and making new friends. Tell them not to be afraid to reply with an answer they may not like. After all, they can’t be friends with everybody, but they can be friends with the people who they can relate to. 

Tell Them to Ask for Help! 

It’s likely that your student was or will be given a map or some other type of assistive device to help them navigate their way around the school or the campus. And as helpful as this is, instead of using it, tell them to store it in their school bag for safe keeping.

Instead of pulling it out each time that they need directions to a class or want to know something about the school, your student should look around and ask a fellow schoolmate for help. If possible, they should try and find recognizable classmates who they can ask as there is a good chance they can become a new class friend. Not only that, but as they meet new people, the school will become more familiar and less intimidating. 

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Motivate Them to Join Clubs 

If your student sees a notice for a social club that they may be interested in, motivate them to join it! In fact, if they see a notice for a social club and they aren’t sure if they will be interested, they should join it anyway! School based social and study groups are great ways for new students to make new friends with similar interests. It is also a great way to meet people who they may not regularly come into contact with by joining groups for activities they are new to. 

Learn About Their Teacher 

In addition to making friends, it’s important that your student also get to know their teacher And while they won’t be making friends with them, there are some important facts that they should learn about them, such as: 
  • Their personality 
  • Their teaching style 
  • What are their expectations of their students?
  • How strict are they? 
  • How much homework can you expect to receive? 
This information will help them to adjust their learning style and classroom behavior to ensure they receive a high mark. 

Enroll your student in tutoring in Spring TX (Champion Forest). Call The Tutoring Center, Spring TX (Champion Forest) at (832) 698-4570 to schedule a free consultation.


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