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Have you noticed your child getting more nervous than usual before tests and presentations? If so, your child may be presenting symptoms of school anxiety. Learn more about the topic by reading this post that The Tutoring CenterSpring, TX, has for you.

In some children, anxiety can be easier to identify; it can show as nervousness before a test or presentation. In other cases, children express school anxiety by misbehaving, tantrums, excessive worry, and more. Most students don’t quite understand what they are feeling, and it can be hard for them to talk to others about it. As parents, being able to identify symptoms of school anxiety can be a great way to help children and give them the assistance they need. Learn more about this topic in this article by The Tutoring CenterSpring, TX.

Change in Behavior

When students act out, it’s not common to associate it with anxiety but it can be the cause. Anxiety can make students interrupt the teacher by being loud, not follow the rules, or even kick the chair of the child in front of them. It can also happen that children ask the same question a lot of times or ask the teacher frequently of their answers are right because they need constant reassurance to feel like they are doing things right.

Health Changes

School anxiety can sometimes present itself also in the form of physical symptoms. Some of the symptoms can be headaches, tummy aches, sweating, and more. Even though these symptoms separately and sporadically can not mean your child may be anxious, keeping a close eye on your child is a good idea. It’s also important to remember that if needed, looking for the opinion of a professional is the best way to ensure your child is healthy and gets the assistance they need.

Students can benefit from tutoring when it comes to school anxiety. To increase confidence and enhance their academic abilities, enroll your child in one-to-one tutoring in Spring, TX. Speak with a tutoring expert at The Tutoring Center, Spring, TX, today by calling (832) 698-4570.

Problems With Their Academics

It’s normal for students to be better at some subjects more than others, but when a student starts doubting their abilities and being scared of sharing what they know, anxiety may be getting in the way. It’s pretty common for students to compare themselves to their classmates. It can happen that when they realize there is someone better at a particular subject than them, they start doubting themselves and start feeling anxious about it.

Refusing to Go to School

Another aspect that is present for children with school anxiety is school refusal. When children become anxious about school, they start acting out and refusing to go to school. Their attitude toward school changes, and in some cases, they might become scared of going to school because they feel stressed about what going to school represents. In some cases, they might show some of the physical changes mentioned above.

If you feel like your child requires some extra school assistance, tutoring in Spring, TX, can help. Speak with a tutoring expert at The Tutoring Center, Spring, TX, and learn about the benefits of one-to-one tutoring. For more information and to schedule a free initial diagnostic assessment, call (832) 698-4570.

How to Help Your Student

For children with school anxiety, getting in contact with their teacher and other people at the school is the best option. Talking to the people at your child’s school and coming up with a strategy together to take care of the situation in the best solution. Some accommodations can help your child. Depending on their symptoms and needs, things can be done like:
  • Checking-in with the student to ensure they understand the subject and are on track.
  • Giving the student extra time to finish answering tests and homework.
  • Allowing the student to videotape oral presentations instead of having to present it in front of the whole class.
  • Allowing the student to break down more significant and challenging tasks and projects into smaller and more manageable tasks.
  • Helping the student identify an adult they can turn to at school when feeling anxious or needing assistance.

Asking for Help

It’s important to remember that to be able to help students with school anxiety, the best option is to ask for the diagnosis and opinion of a professional. This way, you, your child, and your child’s teacher will be able not only to understand the situation better but will be able to take the necessary and best measures to give your student the help they need.

If Your Child Shows Signs of School Anxiety, Tutoring In Spring Can Help

Tutoring can help children who struggle with having confidence and trusting in their abilities. With the help of the experts at The Tutoring Center, Spring, TX, your child will get proper assistance to improve their academic performance and overcome fears associated with school. Enroll your child in one-on-one tutoring and the fantastic academic programs offered today! For more information and to schedule a free initial diagnostic assessment, call (832) 698-4570.


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