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With the new school year approaching, now is the best time to ensure that your child is ready for what’s ahead. This article has some great tips to help your student hit the ground running. 

Let’s face it, no student wants to go back to school after a long break. And can you blame them? After weeks off either sitting on the couch and playing video games or running around outside with their friends, it’s no surprise! However, as much as they want to spend every remaining minute of their break time continuing these activities, it’s important to spend a bit of time preparing them for the new school year ahead. 

Getting Your Child Prepared for the New School Year 

To help you in this regard, The Tutoring Center, Spring TX has prepared the following post with 5 great ideas to get you started. 

1. Do They Have Everything They Will Need? 

Despite what they would like, as soon as your child gets to class on their first day, they aren’t going to spend every lesson getting to know their teacher and just talking about the year ahead. Instead, they will be expected to start their learning. 

With this in mind, be sure that your student has everything they need, such as: 
  • A fresh set of notebooks to write in.
  • All of the stationery they require (it doesn’t have to be new, it just needs to be complete), 
  • Any and all learning tools, such as protractors, a ruler, and anything else needed. 
  • An appropriate planner with enough space for them to keep track of what’s ahead. 
  • If there is anything else which your student advises you they will need, be sure to include it on the list. 
With all of the above in their school bag, your child will be ready to start learning and take advantage of the teacher’s time from the very first class. 

2. Is Everything Packed? 

Of course, simply buying all of the required supplies isn’t enough. You need to make sure it’s all packed. 

The next tip on the list regards your child’s school bag. If their current one has seen better days, consider getting a new one. When you and your student are out shopping, find a balance between something fashionable and something practical which will do what a school bag is supposed to do. Once they have found one they like, make sure it fits these requirements

The reason for practicality is obvious, however, be sure that they also like it. A school bag which is liked is a school bag which will be used and not likely left behind or lost. 

3. Fill in Any Learning Gaps 

Each year lessons become harder and more complex. For some students, stepping up to these is often difficult because they don’t fully understand last year’s lessons or they suffered from the summer learning loss and have forgotten a few key lessons. 

The best way to fill in any learning gaps and to get their brain where it needs to be for the new school year is with one-to-one tutoring sessions.  Unlike summer school, tutoring sessions allow your student to both enjoy the remainder of the break while also filling in any learning gaps and gives their brains a refresher when it comes to lessons forgotten. 

For example, being a progressive class, more difficult math lessons in a new school year can often present a challenge for students who have forgotten many of the core lessons taught the year before. Tutoring is the best way to solidify their foundational knowledge and put them in the best position to take on more complex classes and lessons. 

One-to-one tutoring has become a popular option for parents for one primary reason – it works! Call The Tutoring Center, Spring TX today at (832) 698-4570 and speak with a learning professional about how subject-focused tutoring sessions can work for your student. During your free initial diagnostic, feel free to ask their tutors any and all questions you have about the benefits of one-to-one tutoring and how tutoring sessions can get your child ready for the school year ahead. 

4. Get Their Bodies Ready 

Nobody likes to spend weeks sleeping in every morning and then suddenly have to wake up early for an alarm. Even adults! For this reason, it’s a great idea to get their bodies ready for what’s ahead. 

As the new school year gets closer, take their bedtime forward and start encouraging them to wake up earlier. Working in half-hour increments works well because it’s enough time to be effective but it’s not likely to cause too many complaints. 

Of course, when they are awake, be sure that they stay awake and don’t simply get out of bed early, eat some breakfast, and then go straight back to bed (or the couch) to take a further nap! 

5. Prepare Their Minds 

Even returning to the same school for a new school year can be a nervous time for your child. Perhaps some of their friends will have progressed to a new year, others may have moved to a different school, or they may just feel nervous about how they are going to perform during the new school year. 

Before the near year arrives, take some time to sit down and have an informal talk with your child about any concerns or nerves they have about the new school year. When you are speaking with them, remember that some of their concerns may seem trivial, but this doesn’t mean that they aren’t real and affecting. Be open to their thoughts and concerns and treat them with respect as you help resolve them. 

Tutoring in Spring TX is the Best Way to Prepare Your Student for the New School Year 

Whether your student struggled with their lessons during the previous year or they could do with some time to refresh and reinforce their knowledge, one-to-one tutoring can help. Find out more about how subject-focused one-to-one tutoring in Spring TX can help your child prepare for the new school year by calling The Tutoring Center, Spring TX today at (832) 698-4570. Don’t forget to ask about your free initial diagnostic assessment where a trained learning professional can answer any questions you have about the benefits of one-to-one tutoring in Spring, TX.


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