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How Your Youngster Can Retain Their Knowledge Over the Summer Break

When it comes time for the summer break, children have nothing but TV and video games in mind. However, in reality, continuing this mentality during their break can lead to problems when the new school year starts. Below is a post from The Tutoring Center, Spring, TX on the topic.

What Is the Summer Slide?

While the name may suggest a fun activity at the park, it is actually the title of a phenomenon which occurs over the summer break. During this period, precious and valuable knowledge in your child's brain begins to leak from inactivity, leading them to actually forget lessons they worked hard to learn and retain.

Can It Be Prevented?

While it's important for your youngster to have their downtime during the summer break, it's equally as important that they include a mixture of learning, also.

For example:
  • These three simple tips can not only help to prevent your student from forgetting important knowledge but can actually help to reinforce their lessons.
  • Reviewing their class notes a few times a weekRe-reading excerpts from an important textbook
  • Completing short quizzes at random intervals during the week

Summer Tutoring Can Prevent the Summer Slide

If your youngster could use a helping hand to prevent the summer slide from occurring and losing valuable lessons, The Tutoring Center, Spring, TX can help. Call today at (832) 698-4570 to book your free initial diagnostic assessment and to learn more about the benefits of tutoring.


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