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It doesn’t matter if it’s a state-wide exam or a small class exam, it’s important for all students to study for their exams. As a parent, there are a number of things you can do which can help.

Many parents find themselves in a difficult position where they want to do their best to help their student prepare for an exam. However with the complexity of modern classes, they can struggle to understand the lessons themselves, let alone teach it to their children. However, helping with homework and studying isn’t the only way parents can help their students prepare for exams.

How Every Parent Can Help Their Child to Study

If you struggle to understand your child’s lessons and are looking for ways to help them prepare for upcoming exams, below is a great post from The Tutoring Center, Spring TX with ideas which can help.

Feed Their Brain

Study sessions can be long and arduous, leading many students to eat junk food throughout the day or, even worse, skip entire meals while they study. While junk food may give them a sugar high to improve their attentiveness, the resulting crash which accompanies it counteracts any strides they made during their study session.

Cooking them a complete meal to eat before or after their study sessions, monitoring their eating habits to ensure they are eating, or giving them brain-fueling snacks to enjoy while they study can have significant positive benefits to the effectiveness of a student’s study session.

Sleep Is Necessary

Despite what your student may think, studying through the night and not sleeping doesn’t help them to learn. When your child goes to sleep, their brain uses the time to process and commit the lessons they have learned that day to memory, allowing them to access them during an exam. If your student isn’t getting enough sleep (or at times, any sleep) then their brain misses out on this activity, meaning that much of what your child studies during the night could be lost.

Keep an eye on your child and their study routine and ensure that they are getting enough sleep. If they aren’t, work with them to adjust their study schedule to accommodate time to rest and let their brain process.

Reduce Their Chores

Speaking of allowing for time to sleep, while chores are important to a child’s life to help them learn about and understand responsibilities, in the lead up to an exam, reducing their chores to allow for additional study time or, as per the tip above, to allow for sleep is an idea worth considering.

If you decide to take on this tip, be sure that your student still maintains a lighter chore load so that they don't become accustomed to a life without chores. Make them aware that their chores will return once their exam period is over.

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Plan Ahead

Many students believe that ‘cramming’ a few days (or even the night before) their exam is the best way to go about preparing. However, this simply isn’t true. In fact, leaving their studying to the last minute will only work against them.

Make some time with your child and plan out when their exams will be taking place. Using a calendar or even a dedicated planner, plan out days and times which your child will dedicate to any upcoming exams. This plan will help to ensure that your student spreads out their learning and allows them enough time to be adequately prepared.

Learn from Your Child

A great activity which can help your child to reinforce the lessons they just studied is to teach you. Each time that they complete a study session, spend a few minutes where you act as their student and have them present the lesson to you.

If you can follow along, ask questions about what they are teaching you to help reinforce the lesson further. If you can’t follow, just listening to them can be enough as students who speak out their lessons can often catch themselves making mistakes, helping them to self-correct.

Improve Exam Grades With Tutoring

If your student struggles in school or they want to raise last year’s B to an A+, tutoring can help. To learn more about how subject-focused one-to-one tutoring can work for your child, speak with an expert at The Tutoring Center, Spring TX by calling (832) 698-4570.


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