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Do you find that your child spends their study time doing their homework but doesn’t make much progress? Do they often seem distracted when reviewing their notes? This article can help.

When your child returns home from school and begins their homework, where they choose to sit and complete their homework is a contributing factor to just how effective their study time will be.

Tips to Help You Create a Great Learning Space for Your Student

If you notice a trend of your child choosing to sit in front of the Television as they review their textbooks of an evening or they spend much of their study time talking to nearby siblings or even yourself, below is a post from The Tutoring Center, Spring TX to help you create a study space which encourages learning instead of distraction.

Remove Distractions

This tip seems easy, right? After all, you simply need to remove their electronic devices or even their computer if they don’t need it for study. While this is a great start, it is only the start. Often, these devices aren’t the primary distraction for a studying student. Consider also ensuring the below distractions are not present while your child is completing their homework:

  • Any noises from the kitchen when you are cooking and preparing dinner.
  • The noise the vacuum cleaner makes as you whir around the house.
  • The sound the very same appliance makes as it hits the wall during your cleans.
  • Neighbors or children playing in the yard or even the street.
  • The sound of the television you or other family members are watching.
  • Any yard work being completed outside their window.
While these may be noises which you consider to be environmental noises which form part of your home's ambiance, they are also a strong distraction for a child’s mind when they are attempting to focus their attention on their homework or notebook review.

With this in mind, take a tour of your home and identify spaces which can provide your child with a more peaceful atmosphere. These spaces could include:
  • If your laundry room is at the back of your house or in an area which doesn’t see much foot traffic and is large enough, consider setting up a small temporary desk and a chair and allow your child to use this as their evening study space.
  • If your backyard is quiet and there are no outdoor distractions, setting up a table and a chair on the back porch or even in the backyard in some shade is another great idea.
Of course, you aren’t limited to the ideas above. Any space in your home which is large enough for your child to comfortably sit and study and which is free from distractions can be a great way to help your child focus on their homework and revision.

If you notice that your child is struggling to complete their homework, whether it is because of distraction or the need for more help than you can provide, tutoring in Spring, TX can help. Book your free initial diagnostic assessment at The Tutoring Center, Spring TX today by calling (832) 698-4570 to find out how tutoring in Spring, TX can help your student reach their learning potential this school year.

Is There a Reason to Leave?

Have you ever started a chore and then stopped because you needed ‘just one more thing’? Sure, you had the intention of returning to the task to complete it, but more often than not, simply leaving the activity to get an additional tool was enough for you to excuse yourself from completion. This behavior isn’t limited to parents. In fact, it is easily done by students completing homework.

For this reason, be sure that your student has everything they need in their learning space to complete their study task. This could include:
  • Pens
  • Extra paper
  • Colored markers
  • Calculating tools such as a protractor or a calculator
  • A glass or bottle of water
If there is anything that they need to complete their study period, be sure it is at arm’s reach in their study space.

The Right Lighting

Of course, when setting up an learning space, be sure to consider the lighting conditions. If the lighting is too bright then it can make it difficult to focus on the text. If the lighting is too dim then it can cause eye strain and headaches. Something as simple as moving a desk lamp to the study space temporarily can help.

Tutoring in Spring, Tx Can Help Your Student Reach Their Goals

Whether your child needs help with their homework for a particular lesson or they want to improve their subject results from the B they achieved last year to an A+, tutoring in Spring, TX can help. To find out more, speak with a learning professional at The Tutoring Center, Spring, TX by calling (832) 698-4570. During your initial diagnostic assessment, a trained tutor can answer any questions you have about how one-to-one tutoring in Spring, TX and subject-focused tutoring programs can work for your child.


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