The Tutoring Center, Spring TX (Champion Forest)



THE TUTORING CENTER, Spring, TX(Champion Forest) 

In the next decade private tutoring services will play a vital role in helping the children of our community.  Coming this July, residents in and around the Champion Forest Area, join their counterparts in more than 25 other communities throughout the United States who also boast a TUTORING CENTER of their own.  FREE Diagnostic Testing is now being scheduled(call us at 832-698-4570 or visit our website today!).   

“We are very proud of this new after school learning center,” said Dipan Jethwa, Center Director,  “but we are most excited about the potential it represents for the residents of this community. We have done something important that will improve children’s lives for years to come.”   

While Dipan was in college, he had the privilege of tutoring other students.  As he tutored them, he noticed significant gaps in their academic skills, mostly foundational, that he had to help them work through first. While he was able to help them gain some of the knowledge they lacked with their immediate classes, there was not the time to really enhance their academic abilities up to their current educational level.  It was then that he thought, “What would it be like to help students at an earlier age and to help a wider audience? Why wait until a student was in college?”   Dipan said, “That thought has always stuck with me, and now I am able to take action to make that thought a reality.”

Dipan started his search a couple years ago, looking for a system that supported his idea. That is when he came across The Tutoring Center. He heard examples of many students benefiting from their approach to learning where students could advance one full grade level in math or reading in just 6 months. He thought, “They must know how to make learning fun.”  He then knew he had found what he was looking for to make his dream come true. 

  • • At The Tutoring Center, they have a clear four-part mission for every child who studies with them: 
  • • First, your child will develop stronger academic skills in Reading, Math, and Writing;
  • • Second, your child will develop better concentration, focus, and attention span 
  • • Third, your child will gain more confidence and motivation
  • • Fourth, your child will develop stronger Test-Taking and Study Skills   

The Tutoring Center specializes in individualized, one-to-one instruction to improve academic skills for children from kindergarten through 12th grade. Subjects include Reading, Writing, Math, Algebra, Geometry and more. The Tutoring Center has sessions available Monday through Thursday starting at 3:30 in the afternoon. Children may attend two or three sessions per week.  

More information on the academic programs offered can be obtained from their web site   

The Tutoring Center in Spring, TX (Champion Forest) is owned by Dipan and Ani Jethwa who have been Cypress, TX residents for the last 4 years.  Dipan has a Master's degree in Business from Rice University, Houston, TX. He believes that the road to success starts with achieving academic excellence and is determined to give an opportunity to each child in the community to walk this path and fulfill his or her dreams.


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