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Studying online demands great commitment and organization in order to meet goals and carry out other daily activities such as work and family matters. Here are 10 tips to study online which can help students during this time at home. 

1. Organize your time: Take advantage of your free time to define schedules, get ahead in when it comes to school activities and homework. 

2. Regularly enter the Virtual Classroom: If the teacher has provided a virtual classroom, don’t forget to be present and get familiar with the platform chosen and tackle the contents as if you were at school. 

3. Solve any doubt that arises: Don’t be afraid to ask questions to your Teachers, Academic Advisors, and Tutors. They’re qualified to solve your concerns and will be happy to help you. 

4. Read instructions carefully: Before doing any activity, make sure you are doing exactly what your teacher asked. 

5. Research: Don’t settle for the knowledge and information provided by your teacher; be curious and delve into a topic you like so you can learn more about it. 

6. Participate: Collaborative sites like Blogs can broaden the landscape of what you have learned; also, you can request your teacher to host an online debate with your classmates to reinforce the pros and cons of a certain topic. 

7. Set short-term goals: you can start by doing it weekly to monitor your achievements and improvements. This will lead you to meet a higher goal. 

8. Set priorities: You must take into account your obligations and organize them through prioritization. 

9. Get comfortable: Condition a place to study within your house with enough light and good internet connection. This will keep you in the mood to keep on working as if you were still at school. 

These practical tips can go a long way in helping students to get the most out of their studies during quarantine time without them feeling pressured. 

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