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Despite what your student may think, the break isn’t just a time for watching movies and playing video games with friends.

If there was one thing which every student enjoys about the school year, it’s the breaks which occur throughout, especially the end-of-year break which is almost upon us. However, despite what your child may think, school breaks aren’t just a time to spend playing video games and watching movies with their friends.

If ensuring your child excels during their educational path, The Tutoring Center, Spring TX has a great post with just some of the benefits to one-to-one tutoring in Spring during the school break.

Respond to a Report Card
If your child’s end-of-year report card isn’t as you expected, then the summer break can be a great time to reflect on the comments in their report card and address any learning challenges which were brought up.

As an example, if your student struggled in their math classes throughout the year, take the opportunity to include some math-based games and challenges into their day, such as small pop quiz which determine which movie you will all watch or even small cards with equations on them which need to be completed before enjoying a snack from the refrigerator.

If reading is your child’s struggle, include small reading lessons during their day, such as asking them to help you with directions, read the label on food, or even the instructions for a game you will all play for family game night. While it may seem insignificant, incidental instances where your student reads a range of material can go a long way to your child improve both their reading proficiency and expand their vocabulary.

Get Ready for the Next Year
Despite what your child may think, the school break isn’t the end of their schooling path, it’s merely the end of the school year. This means that, once the break is over, they need to return and continue their classes, which will be more difficult than the previous year.

Speak with your student about the subjects they will be tackling next year and look for ways to help them prepare. This could include:
Reading ahead in the textbook.
Reading an entirely new textbook.
Taking practice tests on their new subjects to gauge their understanding and identify points to improve.
Speak with friends in higher years about the year you are going into and the difficulty of the lessons encountered.

If your child struggled in the previous school year and you want them to have the best start for the next school year, tutoring can help. To find out more about the benefits of tutoring, speak with a friendly professional at The Tutoring Center, Spring TX by calling (832) 698-4570.

Learning Loss
While the school semester is in progress, your student is constantly bombarded with information and opportunities to learn. This type of environment not only helps children to learn, but actually encourages it.

During vacation periods, however, not only is your child no longer in a teaching environment, but the lessons they learned can begin to be forgotten! While these learning losses may be small, for accumulative subjects such as math, the loss could be a fundamental lesson, requiring them to relearn the lesson in class while their classmates work ahead. Summer tutoring is the best way to prevent your child from forgetting important lessons and information, not just because they will receive lessons, but because they will receive the correct lessons to ensure they return to school ready-to-go.

Prepare to Excel
Of course, for some students, they are not only ready for the challenges the next school year will bring, but they are champing at the bit to get back to school and further their learning. In addition to formal tutoring helping students to both prepare for the next year and address any challenges from the past year, it is also a great tool to help students who aren’t happy with anything less than an A+.

Tutoring helps these students by not only preparing them for their next challenges, but ensuring that they have all of the tools and learning required to knock these challenges out of the park and excel in their classroom.

Tutoring Can Help
If your child fell behind their classmates during the previous school year or their report card included some suggestions on how they can better prepare for the next school year, Tutoring can help. To find out more, book your free initial diagnostic assessment at The Tutoring Center, Spring TX by calling (832) 698-4570 and speak with a trained professional about the benefits of tutoring and how tutoring can help your child improve their grades.


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